Clearly shows tapes of fake Bin Laden speeches.  Looks like the same fake Bin Laden stand-in from a decade ago. It appears Bin Laden was reviewing his stand-in's performance:

Secret's Out! HitDetective™ Now Availible to the Public!


A team from the Lausanne-based Dalle Molle Institute for Perceptual Artificial Intelligence, Idiap, said it was 95% certain the tape does not feature the voice of the al-Qaeda leader.  President Bush has tricked you into looking for an 'ENEMY' behind 911, not 'WHO' perpetrated the crime. It is the grand Illusion, the ultimate Bait-N-Switch ...The Royal Scam.  Mass murderers go un-investigated, while President Bush has us fighting 'The Enemy'.  Video Release 2007  BBC ARTICLE



Meet the Fake Bin Laden, the one in the 911 'confession' video.  Whomever perpetrated the hoax of connecting Bin Laden, got away with murder, and pulled off the biggest heist in history. $168 Billion in gold and gained a stranglehold on the American Public allowing the biggest government-to-corporate give-away in the history of the planet.
(Records show $168 Billion in Gold, they recovered $200 Million, Net $167.8 Billion)

 The black beard -- the pattern of graying hairs of a man's beard is as distinctive as a finger print and extremely difficult to approximate.  No leader whose men have a fixed image of him, is going to die his hair like a vain woman.  The picture of bin Laden (apart from the beard) is too close to the old example.   And no one in the media discusses whether this is the real bin Laden or not --  the merely discuss whether this hair dye or a
false beard.  But why do they provide this photo next to another picture from exactly the same angle with exactly the same hair.  Look at the pictures of Abraham Lincoln month after month during the Civil War and not
how much he changes from picture to picture.  This bin Laden is only slightly different in mouth and in beard coloring, the rest exactly the same.  I say the new picture -- the new video -- was made by searching for
faces that most closely matched the contours of the bin Laden in the old photograph -- then they build nose and brow and changed hairline to match the original  -- but they erred in matching too closely  (except in the
beard which they deemed impossible to convincingly duplicate and so they made bin Laden a Clairol brunette.
Like the earlier bin Laden video, where bin Laden's nose is too short, his face to round with too much convexity (fat) and different hair -- an immediately obvious fake -- this new bin Laden tape is also a fake.
And besides, the real bin Laden said he had nothing to do with 9-11.  Again
it is impossible that he would contradict himself before his followers.
Dick Eastman  911Lies Contributor
Bin Laden released a statement days after the attack, saying he had nothing to do with 911.

UPDATE: Attempted Debunk / Dis-Information from: http://www.muckrakerreport.com:80/id372.html

Below is ONE frame they try to say proves this really is Bin laden (excuse the laughter)
every attempt was made to make it look like bin laden, there may have been some minute doctoring (other than the obvious exposure levels trying to 'tweak' a desired effect)

The Fake bin Laden Video Tape


It is preposterous to suggest this videotape could be authentic, but lets have a look.
which is the odd man out?  Meet the Fake Bin Laden...

The 'Bin' from the 911 'confession' video is 'E'
In the video Osama 'E' appears to write notes with his right hand, yet the FBI's description of Osama indicates he is left-handed. Osama 'E' wears a ring on his right hand which does not appear on other confirmed photos of Osama (e.g. Osama 'B'). Another man is seen wearing a large gold ring in the video. Since the wearing of gold rings is forbidden by Islam it shows neither he nor Osama 'E' has any devotion to this faith.

Between the nose and the cheeks it is clear that this man is NOT Bin Laden.
Not only do the real Osama and the "lucky find" Osama look totally different, they also write with different hands and have different faiths and priorities.

The tape bore a label indicating it was made on November 9. Administration officials wouldn't reveal exactly how or when they got it, except to say it was found in a house in Jalalabad after anti-Taliban forces moved in. [Online NewsHour]

US Senator Ron Wyden, who has also seen the tape, says he hopes it will remove suspicions in countries such as Pakistan that the 11 September attacks were an Israeli plot aimed at drawing the US into a war with Islamic countries. [BBC News]

A German TV show found that the White House's translation of the video was inaccurate and "manipulative". More. Bin Laden even praised two live 'hijackers' - Wail M. Alshehri and Salem Alhazmi. Why didn't he know the names of hijackers he personally chose? POST A COMMENT


Satellite photo of Jalalabad.

Population ~150,000


Includes full video and transcript.


Justice Department Not Seeking 911 Charges Against Bin Laden!
By Dan Eggen
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, August 28, 2006; Page A13

Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is a longtime and prominent member of the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted" list, which notes his role as the suspected mastermind of the deadly U.S. embassy bombings in East Africa on Aug. 7, 1998.

But another more infamous date -- Sept. 11, 2001 -- is nowhere to be found on the same FBI notice.

The curious omission underscores the Justice Department's decision, so far, to not seek formal criminal charges against bin Laden for approving al-Qaeda's most notorious and successful terrorist attack. The notice says bin Laden is "a suspect in other terrorist attacks throughout the world" but does not provide details.

The absence has also provided fodder for conspiracy theorists who think the U.S. government or another power was behind the Sept. 11 hijackings. From this point of view, the lack of a Sept. 11 reference suggests that the connection to al-Qaeda is uncertain.

Exhaustive government and independent investigations have concluded otherwise, of course, and bin Laden and other al-Qaeda leaders have proudly taken responsibility for the hijackings. FBI officials say the wanted poster merely reflects the government's long-standing practice of relying on actual criminal charges in the notices.

"There's no mystery here," said FBI spokesman Rex Tomb. "They could add 9/11 on there, but they have not because they don't need to at this point. . . . There is a logic to it."

David N. Kelley, the former U.S. attorney in New York who oversaw terrorism cases when bin Laden was indicted for the embassy bombings there in 1998, said he is not at all surprised by the lack of a reference to Sept. 11 on the official wanted poster. Kelley said the issue is a matter of legal restrictions and the need to be fair to any defendant.

"It might seem a little strange from the outside, but it makes sense from a legal point of view," said Kelley, now in private practice. "If I were in government, I'd be troubled if I were asked to put up a wanted picture where no formal charges had been filed, no matter who it was."

Bin Laden was placed on the Ten Most Wanted list in June 1999 after being indicted for murder, conspiracy and other charges in connection with the embassy bombings, and a $5 million reward was put on his head at that time. The listing was updated after Sept. 11, 2001, to include a higher reward of $25 million, but no mention of the attacks was added.

Others on the list include Colombian drug cartel leader Diego Leon Montoya Sanchez and fugitive Boston crime boss James "Whitey" Bulger, charged with a role in "numerous murders" in the 1970s and 1980s.

The FBI maintains a separate "Most Wanted Terrorists" list, which includes bin Laden and 25 others who have been indicted in U.S. federal courts in connection with terror plots. But this second bin Laden listing also makes no mention of Sept. 11.

"The indictments currently listed on the posters allow them to be arrested and brought to justice," the FBI says in a note accompanying the terrorist list on its Web site. "Future indictments may be handed down as various investigations proceed in connection to other terrorist incidents, for example, the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001."


The quality of the video was very poor and the authenticity of the tape was questioned, President Bush admin was on the defensive:
"It is preposterous for anybody to think that this tape is doctored," he said during a brief photo opportunity with the prime minister of Thailand. "That's just a feeble excuse to provide weak support for an incredibly evil man."
Bin Laden' certainly picks his moments to appear. More

"The FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden with the 911 attacks on America"
 - FBI spokesman Rex Tomb

On June 5, 2006, reporter Ed Hass contacted the FBI Headquarters to learn why Bin Laden’s Most Wanted poster did not indicate that Osama was also wanted in connection with 911. He spoke with Rex Tomb, Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI.  When asked why there is no mention of 911 on Bin Laden's Most Wanted web page, Tomb said, “The reason why 911 is not mentioned on Osama Bin Laden's Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 911.” (Source: Teamliberty.net)

CIA reportedly disbands Bin Laden unit  POST A COMMENT

A CIA unit that had hunted for Osama bin Laden and his top deputies for a decade has been disbanded, according to a published report. Citing unnamed intelligence officials, The New York Times reported Tuesday that the unit, known as "Alec Station," was shut down late last year. The decision to close the unit, which predated the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, was first reported Monday by National Public Radio. (Source: Associated Press, July 4, 2006)

On December 7, 2001, a second video containing the pale skinned and very real Osama 'C' was broadcast on al Jazeera. The tape was reportedly made on November 19, 2001 - that's ten days after the "lucky find" tape was reportedly made. Are we supposed to believe that Osama's skin, hair and beard changed color in ten days?

The broadcast of the tape caught the US government completely off-guard:
The recording was dismissed by the President Bush administration ... as sick propaganda possibly designed to mask the fact the al-Qa'eda leader was already dead. "He could have made the video and then ordered that it be released in the event of his death," said one White House aide. [Telegraph]

American officials argued that bin Laden's frequent references to US support for Israel were a bogus justification for his terrorism because in the "dinner party" tape of a private conversation there was no mention of the Middle East. [Telegraph]

This is very odd indeed because in Bin Laden's September 8, 2001 denial of involvement in the 911 attacks he had plenty to say about the US and Israel:

"This system is totally in control of the American-Jews, whose first priority is Israel, not the United States. It is clear that the American people are themselves the slaves of the Jews and are forced to live according to the principles and laws laid by them. So, the punishment should reach Israel. In fact, it is Israel, which is giving a blood bath to innocent Muslims and the U.S. is not uttering a single word" [Public Action]

And his views were the same in 1998:

"We say to the Americans as people and to American mothers, if they cherish their lives and if they cherish their sons, they must elect an American patriotic government that caters to their interests, not the interests of the Jews." [American Free Press]

It does not get any more obvious than this.

There is clearly good reason to doubt the November 9 tape. There is excessive noise on the audio track, making it impossible to really hear what is being said. Given that the tape was recorded in an area supposedly devoid of audio urban signature, there should have been little ambient noise, yet the speech is masked with a great deal of noise. Then there is a gap in the audio track, reminiscent of Nixon's missing 18 minutes, and the truths it once contained which are lost forever to history.

But there are very good reasons to suspect that the tape is not what the US Government claims it to be. In the tape, Osama supposedly states that he knew of the attack on the WTC 5 days in advance, yet we know from the preparations inside the United States that the plan had been in existence for much longer than that. The records of those flight schools where the hijackers supposedly trained have been confiscated under the watchful eye of Jeb President Bush, Governor of Florida and brother to the President. Will the President Bush administration now claim that the hijackers learned to fly a passenger jet in just 5 days?

Likewise, The translation of the Osama tape has him stating that the hijackers did not know they were about to die, yet letters the FBI claim to have found written by the hijackers indicate the exact opposite.

Finally, this was not the first video tape claiming to show Osama confessing, and claims made in the earlier "confession" tape, including a claim that Osama had nukes, were created by the translator, not actually stated by Osama.

This never-to-be-seen video also appeared right on cue:
Emergency powers to imprison suspected international terrorists indefinitely using special closed courts will be announced this week. The measure, which will require exemption from human rights legislation, will be used to round up suspects hiding in Britain beyond the reach of existing laws. [Telegraph 11/11/2001]

Even hard line secular Pakistanis were unconvinced by the released bin Laden video tape. Iqbal Haider, a former senator from the party of ousted prime minister Benazir Bhutto, said he found it hard to believe that bin Laden would allow himself to be filmed confessing to the crime.

"It is hard to believe that a man who masterminds the September attacks with such secrecy and finesse could be that stupid and imprudent, I hate Osama and the Taliban because they inflicted incalculable damage on Muslims ... but it is hard to digest that he can be such a fool."

Top U.S. Bin Laden Expert: Confession Video “Bogus”
by Kevin Barrett  2/17/06  SEE FULL DETAILS

Source: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/osamatape.html

  Proof that Jets and Jet Fuel were not the cause of the WTC collapse.


The frames from the pentagon video should look more like this:


Project MASCAL participant pilots flight77.  Massive Irony gone unreported.

  Republican Candidate Admits 911 was an inside job!

  Some very Interesting parties have been caught examining 911Lies.org.

The man in the video is not Bin Laden, not even close.

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If 911 was not perpetrated by people within our own government, why have the following entities visited this site?
The software screenshots you will see, are from LivePerson.com, and they have documented the following visitors:


Don't you find it odd that Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin, The Federal Reserve, and big oil companies are the least bit interested in 911Lies.org? If they had ZERO CULPABILITY, logic dictates, they would not be at all concerned with sites like 911Lies.org. Obviously, this is not the case.

There are family members of airline passengers, firefighters, police, and pentagon workers that died on 911, that are demanding the truth, and among other interested parties demanding the truth are ex-CIA, Hi-level conservatives, and former republican administration staff members, who all believe the 911 commission cannot be true.  CIA Man Says Cheney #1 Suspect